Coconut Beer

Brewer Sam Haldane from Shananigans has made a beer called "Lime in the Coconut" for the

Brewer Sam Haldane from Shenanigans has made a beer called “Lime in the Coconut” for the Australasian Beer SpecTAPular. Picture: John Appleyard Source: News Corp Australia

THE Shenanigans have devoted their life to making sure our beer-buds are satisfied.

In the words of Harry Nilsson “put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up”.

Inspired by Nilsson’s Coconut song, gypsy brewers Sam Haldane and Dan Beers, aka Shenanigans, have created the ultimate, tasty lime and coconut beer.

“The coconut sits in the background while the lime lifts the aroma,” Mr Beers said.

“It’s really a lighter style beer in terms of colour and flavour, we tried not to get a lot of sweetness in the beer but instead let the coconut poke through.”



Behold the great "Lime in the Coconut" beer. Picture: John Appleyard

Behold the great “Lime in the Coconut” beer. Picture: John Appleyard Source: News Corp Australia

Currently gypsy brewing in small batches at the Batch Brewing facility in Marrickville, the boys design the recipes, brew the beer, dry hop it, transfer, carbonate and keg it, deliver it, and even clean up.

They focus on brewing beers that are slightly off-kilter to the norm. Beers that are both approachable but can still be appreciated by hardcore beer geeks. Beers that make the drinker think a little.

Ironically, Dan’s surname fits perfectly with his passion.

But it’s the process to the final product that Mr Beer and Mr Haldane enjoy the most.

The Marrickville home-brewing mates will have their latest beer ‘Lime in the Coconut’ showcased in The Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS) on May 30 at Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh.

Looks good to us too Sam. Picture: John Appleyard

Looks good to us too Sam. Picture: John Appleyard Source: News Corp Australia

The event will display more than 300 beers from 150 Australian and international breweries.

It was brewed up by Aussie mates Steve Jeffares and Guy Greenstone, who own multi-award winning specialty beer venues The Local Taphouse bars in Darlinghurst and St Kilda,

With its success in Melbourne they decided to bring it to Sydney this year.

Visit for details.