Coconut Aminos

Coconut Aminos

The healthier soy sauce substitute popping up in kitchens around the globe.



What is Coconut Aminos and how is it made?

Coconut Aminos is a salty and slightly sweet sauce made from coconut sap. It’s much like a light soy or tamari sauce, yet soy and gluten free.

When the coconut tree is tapped, it produces a nutrient-rich “sap” from coconut blossoms. It’s collected and dried in the sun to evaporate, then blended with sea salt and naturally aged. The sap from the tree will continue to produce sap for many years to come, proving a viable and environmentally friendly ingredient.


How does it taste and what do you use it for?

Coconut Aminos is a dark, rich, salty and slightly sweet sauce where despite speculation, doesn’t taste like coconut. It’s a great way to replace the same flavour you would get from soy sauce, however less of the salty punch.

This natural condiment can be used for practically anything you would use soy sauce or salt for – including salad dressings, marinades, stir-fries, sushi, soups, stews and dipping sauce.



Why move away from Soy Sauce?

Vegans, Paleos and those simply wanting to eat cleaner are switching away from soy products for a number of reasons. Firstly – soy sauce is made by fermenting soy beans usually with bacterial and fungal cultures. It naturally contains MSG and because it isn’t ‘added’, MSG may not be on the ingredients list of a soy sauce bottle. Soy Sauce is also of course high in sodium—about 1,000 mg per serving.

Soy sauce contains gluten and can lead to an increase in soy allergies. That alongside the fact that ingredients may be contaminated with genetically modified (GMO) crops can make Coconut Aminos a popular alternative.


What are the health and nutritional benefits?

As the name suggests, Coconut Aminos is high in amino acids, containing up to 17 different types. Amino acids are essentially the building blocks of protein and play a crucial role in muscle repair, brain and nervous system function. They also may assist in boosting the immune and digestive system health, physical energy levels and mood stabilisation.

Coconut Aminos has around 65% less sodium than regular soy sauce. It has also been found to contain 14 times the amount of amino acids found in soy sauce. It’s soy free, gluten free, vegan, low GI and packed with minerals, vitamin C, and B vitamins. Because the sauce is organically produced, it’s raw and enzymatically alive – essentially making it a much healthier condiment for you.

Coconut Aminos vs Liquid Aminos and Soy Sauce

Make sure you’re buying “Coconut Aminos”; remember “Liquid Aminos” will be derived from soy beans.



Where to buy Coconut Aminos?

You can sometimes find it in health-food stores or higher-end grocery stores. However buying online can save a lot of the effort and blank stares from store owners.

Iherb sell Coconut Aminos for $6 USD, with approx $4 USD shipping. The other supplier, Reflections Health, sells their Aminos at $25, with $13 shipping.

Or there’s coconut aminos from Niulife,

Zenian Organic do a Coconut Aminos Sauce and coconut aminos seasoning.

Terra Madre in northcote Victoria

You can find coconut aminos in Wholefoods, on iHerb and Amazon,


Check out Perfectly Paleo and Wholefoods, and just Google it for other countries.


Side tip

Once opened, it should be stored in the refrigerator.