Best Ways To Open A Coconut

Best ways to open a Coconut

If you’ve ever stared down at a coconut, wondering how such a small innocent looking fruit can be so deceivingly strong – you’re not alone. Coconuts are renowned for being hard to crack, so we’ve uncovered the best ways to open a coconut.


Some people go down the Tom Hank’s path:


Some adopt this girl’s Kill Bill approach:


Or worryingly enough, like ‘Bear Grillz’ over here:


But safe to say all of these methods are just asking for trouble and a lengthy hospital visit. With the countless different tutorials around demonstrating timely 20 step processes, it’s easy to understand why some people try to take short cuts. So we’ve uncovered the easiest and safest ways to open different types of coconuts using tools you’ll have with you at home.

Method #1: Microwave, tools & tea towel


Step 1: Drain the coconut water

Coconut water is ridiculously hydrating and removing it cuts down on all the mess.
Grab your screw driver and place it on one of the 3 eyes of the coconut. Hold the coconut steady with the towel and give the screw driver a few good whacks with the hammer until it breaks through. Then drain the coconut water into the glass at hand.



Step 2: Soften the coconut in the microwave

Coconuts are damn tough, so you’ll have more luck with a softened coconut shell. Place the coconut inside the microwave and cook it on high for 30 seconds. This will not only soften the outside shell, but also soften the coconut meat inside – making it much easier to eat.



Step 3: Cover coconut with the towel and hit with the hammer

Give the coconut a few firm knocks until it opens. And success! You’re basically in Hawaii now.



Method #2: Corkscrew and table knife handle

  • Corkscrew
  • Glass
  • Table knife


Step 1:



Screw driver and hammer method


The Coco Jack method [Young Thai Coconut]


The Coco Jack – How To Open A Coconut